Yard and Landscape Design

If you have a green thumb and love to work on landscape design projects, you may have already come up with some beautiful yard and landscape design ideas. But before you break out that garden tool set, knowing the best time to start your yard and landscape design project and implement these ideas can be difficult at times. After all, some plants may be sensitive to extreme temperatures or unpredictable weather patterns. To help you decide when to start your project, the guide below highlights some important seasonal information.

Landscape Design

When crafting a beautiful yard, use yard and landscape design to address a series of goals that include:

  • Protecting the site and surrounding land and
  • Reducing water use
  • Limiting pesticide use
  • Using plants and materials from local sources
  • Minimizing mowing requirements

If you follow the principals of landscape and yard design create attractive, pleasing and comfortable landscapes. In order to have a beautiful yard, you should follow the landscape design principles of proportion, order, repetition and unity. Now you can expect for a detailed yard landscape design to cost between $2,000 and $8,000, depending on the size and location of the project

Start Yard Projects in Fall

Working on the landscape during summer and winter weather means your plants will be subjected to extreme highs and lows in temperature. Because your landscape would benefit from a more comfortable temperature, later in the year tends to provide the perfect opportunity to start a project and a great opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of perennials in landscaping.

During the fall, soil temperatures are favorable and moisture content is at its optimum level. This will ensure that your plants will receive water that’s needed for healthy growth. As a matter of fact, these conditions are ideal when caring for perennials and trees, establish a strong network of roots, which will be critical for healthy growth when the summer season arrives.

Keys to a Successful Spring Landscape Project

Because the weather in spring is also relatively comfortable, you may consider planting annuals or perennials during this season. Though landscaping in the spring is not as ideal as completing landscaping in the fall. New plants can still be successful under the right conditions. As an example, you should make certain that the outdoor temperatures won’t drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, because frost can significantly harm fragile seedlings.

Additionally, check ground conditions to make certain that the ground temperatures are suitable for your plants. If the ground is frozen or too moist from rainy weather, there’s a good chance that your plants may not survive.