California Prop 65 Statement

Are Radius products safe?

Yes.  We believe they are perfectly safe.  However, the State of California has unusually restrictive rules requiring warnings for certain metals that are used to alloy stainless steel and diecast aluminum.  Radius has tested some, but not all, of its products with Intertek, an independent testing laboratory to determine whether or not they are California Proposition 65 compliant.  Our watering products have passed Proposition 65 testing for compliance.  With our diecast aluminum hand tools the story is more complex.  Most hand tools passed Proposition 65 testing; however, random pieces appeared to have minute variations in lead levels causing some to pass and some to fail.  The only way any lead can be detected at all is with a spectrograph since it is completely encapsulated within the alloy and does not leach out.  Our stainless steel digging products have not been tested, but would likely include minute traces of lead and chromium, both necessary to creating stainless steel.  So, although we believe our products to be completely safe under all imaginable uses, excess caution requires that we issue California residents this general statement for Radius Garden products:

 WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm-