How to Hire a Professional Landscaper

As a home or business owner, maintaining a beautiful yard is always a top priority. As bad as you want to use that gardening tool set, often, time just doesn’t permit. Which is the reason that you want to hire a professional landscaper. However, it’s important to select the right professional landscaping company to ensure you achieve the goal of a beautiful landscape. Here are the top for qualities you should look for when you hire a professional landscaper

Great Landscaping Referrals

The best way to know if you’re hiring the best landscaping professionals is to get a sense of how well they’ve done other landscaping jobs in the past. Before committing to a landscape design company, request a list of referrals of prior landscaping jobs completed successfully. By hearing from current or previous customers firsthand, you’ll have a better understanding of the skill set of the services and experience they offer to clients. 

Experienced Landscape Staff

Landscaping staff should have the following skills:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Patio design
  • Tree removal
  • Tree and shrub pruning

To accomplish these successfully, they require an eye for yard and landscape design and training with professional lawn care equipment. The best professional landscaping company will be able to speak to the experience of their entire staff. They also should have proof of liability insurance so you know you’re protected from anything that may happen to either their staff or your property. 

Professional Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

How does the landscaper deal with complaints or issues with landscape design? Find out if they stand by their work with satisfaction guarantees before committing. Additionally, make it a point as to how long it takes them to return your calls or emails. Hire a landscape design company that answers you quickly is dedicated to customer service.

Year Round Professional Landscaping

A professional lawn landscaper will consider the health of your yard all year. With this in mind, work with a lawn care and landscaping team that offers spring clean-up services and winter lawn preparation so your plants and grass stay healthy throughout the year.