Benefits of Perennials in Landscaping

A beautiful outdoor landscape is a fantastic way to boost curb appeal and get more enjoyment out of your lawn and garden. Before you break out those hand tools for gardening, and as you plan to landscape your front and back yard, there are several practical reasons to include perennial plants to your plan. Let’s discuss the benefits of perennials in landscaping.

Perennials Have Strong Root Systems

Perennial plants and flowers have strong root systems that penetrate deep into the soil. This gives them the ability to tap into water and nutrient reserves, which helps them grow more robustly. Strong roots also make perennials more resistant to flooding and drought.

Perennials Help Stabilize the Soil

The strength of perennial roots systems assist with soil stabilization and helps to keep soil in place. In the event of those heavy rain days, you won’t have to worry about water runoff causing the soil erosion. Perennials are wonderful in preventing additional water damage to your landscape.

Infrequent Watering and Fertilizing to Landscaping

While they are beautiful plants to have in any yard, generally, annuals need frequent watering and fertilizing because their root systems are much shorter. Since perennials have more dense and longer root systems, they can reach minerals and moisture further beneath the surface, preventing the need to have to water and fertilize frequently.

Perennials Last a Long Time

One of the primary advantages of perennials is their longevity. Unlike annual plants, perennials are around for many years. Because these plants have long life spans, you never have to worry about replanting or reseeding the plants. This aspect prevents you from spending money and energy on planting new flowers and in your landscaping year after year.


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