Ergonomic Weeder


  • We got tired of bending and breaking hand weeders that never really got the job done even at their best. The Radius Ergonomic weeder is every bit as mean as it looks. It won't bend. It won't break. And, best of all, it won't leave any root behind. Experienced gardeners know that dandelions are stimulated when their tap root is snapped and will produce two or three replacement dandelions for the one you were trying to remove. The ineffective weeders that most companies sell either pinch or break the roots, leaving enough in the ground to insure you will have to fight much harder next time as the weeds multiply.
  • Blade Length = 9", Blade Width = 2.75", Total Length = 14.75", Weight: 9 oz., Material: Diecast aluminum and polypropylene.
  • US Patents 7,836,557, 8,006,351, D564,313, D569,202.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California residents

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