Radius Pro Edger – My New Favourite Gardening Tool!

Submitted by Clive Harris of DIY Garden UK.

Whether you’re into clean straight lines, or you prefer to indulge your creativity with curves, there’s no denying that garden edging is a hot trend this season. A well-laid border gives a professional feel to your garden, and with the Pro Stainless Edger, achieving that polished finish couldn’t be easier.

Pottering around the garden is my favourite pastime, but admittedly, I much prefer light handiwork to hard graft. Give me a basket of perennials and I’ll have them flourishing in no time, but unfortunately, the more physical aspect of gardening doesn’t excite me as much. This is mainly due to an old rugby injury to my shoulder which makes digging and chopping a painful, laborious chore.

 My friend Jo recommended the Pro Stainless Edger to me as I lamented to her one Saturday afternoon. My beautiful vibrant plants were crying out for a decent margin to rein them in, and every time I surveyed them, I noticed that the whole bed lacked a certain definition against the green lawn. All it needed was a few paving stones, but the mere thought of excavating the edge gave me a shoulder ache.

“Get the Pro Stainless Edger” Jo said. “It’ll do all the hard work for you!”

I was a little dubious of her enthusiasm. Being a sucker for garden gadgets, my shed was already bursting with neglected and abandoned tools that failed to meet expectations. Could this edger really live up to its hype?

The answer is a resounding yes!

I began with a simple test project. The small corner bed in my front yard was a good starting point, and if it didn’t work out I could easily fill the earth back in. Of course, I didn’t need to. And once I discovered how painless digging was with the edger, I was hooked! My plan for a simple linear bed in my backyard became a rounded wavy creation that added amazing depth and dimension to my garden, while giving a lovely focal point to draw the eye along.

The blade is 9 inches wide, meaning there is plenty of space for the biggest feet, and it glides effortlessly through the soil. Lightweight and durable, the edger can be carried without the heavy dragging feeling of other similar long-handled equipment. Best of all, I can maintain my natural upright posture while digging, unlike other tools that I have to stoop over to lever the soil out.

I was concerned when purchasing that the edger would be relegated to the back of the shed after it fulfilled its purpose. After all, how often does garden edging need to be replaced? However, it came in handy again recently when I needed to tidy the border where my lawn meets the patio and pathway. Digging out the overgrowth was a cinch. It’s also great for opening holes in soil that is congested with old roots, making it a versatile, practical tool.

Thanks to the Pro Stainless Edger, my garden has the edge it always needed!

Clive Harris, DIY Garden UK.