Pro-Lite Carbon Steel Ergonomic Garden Tool Pair

  • The first and only standup garden tools most people will ever need are a great transplanting shovel and a digging fork. The premium quality, ergonomic carbon steel Pro-Lite Transplanter and Pro-Lite Digging Fork can handle every digging and soil turning task in your garden. Reinforced with a pultruded fiberglass shaft and including the patented O-handle comfort grip; these standup tools should last a lifetime. The Pro-Lite Transplanter's blade is designed for everything from transplanting, to dividing perennials, to simply digging a big hole. The Pro-Lite Digging Fork is built with square tines, making it perfect for turning soil and uprooting root vegetables and perennials. These are Radius Garden's most economical standup digging tools.

  • See individual items for weights and measures. Material: Carbon steel, pultruded fiberglass, and polypropylene for Pro-Lite tools.
  • US Patents 7,836,557, 8,006,351, D569,697, D579,288, D564,313, D564,315, D563,742, D564,314, D569,202.

"Designed to relieve arm, hand, and wrist stress, the Radius (mid-length) tools won over all of our testers (male and female). With stainless-steel working ends, a unique handle design, and generous stepping edges, these tools proved both comfortable to use, and strong enough for every garden task."

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