Carbon Steel Ergonomic Multi-Purpose Shovel Kit

  • It's hard to say which is our favorite among these three very differently sized shovels; the Pro-Lite Shovel, the Pro-Lite Floral Shovel, or the Mini O-Handle Shovel. It really depends on the task. All three feature premium carbon steel blades that will never bend. All three feature pultruded fiberglass shafts that should last a lifetime with the patented O-handle ergonomic comfort grip. The full-sized Pro-Lite Shovel has a large head for serious digging and soil transfer. The Pro-Lite Floral Shovel is almost as long as the Pro-Lite Shovel but has a much smaller head that is ideal for gardening in conventional and raised beds. Floral Shovels are a favorite among older and smaller gardeners but are incredibly useful for anyone for detail gardening. Finally, the Mini O-Handle Shovel is perfect for working in raised beds and for gardening on your hands and knees. It's also highly portable; a great shovel to take with you on camping trips or just to drop in your trunk when driving in inclement weather. These three shovels together cover just about everything you could need a shovel for.
  • See individual items for weights and measures. Material: Diecast aluminum and polypropylene for hand tools. Carbon steel, pultruded fiberglass, and polypropylene for Pro-Lite tools.
  • US Patents 7,836,557, 8,006,351, D569,697, D579,288, D564,313, D564,315, D563,742, D564,314, D569,202.

"Designed to relieve arm, hand, and wrist stress, the Radius (mid-length) tools won over all of our testers (male and female). With stainless-steel working ends, a unique handle design, and generous stepping edges, these tools proved both comfortable to use, and strong enough for every garden task."

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