Rapid eye movement behaviour disorder occurs when there is a loss of normal voluntary muscle atonia during rem sleep resulting in motor behaviour in response to dream content. It can be caused by adverse reactions to certain drugs or else during drug withdrawal; however it is most often associated with the elderly and in those with neurodegenerative disorders such as parkinson disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases [3] for example multiple system atrophy and lewy body dementia. cheap viagra for sale www.duihelpqlt.com [edit] treatment rbd is treatable. Various medications are prescribed for rbd based on varying symptoms. Low doses of clonazepam is most effective with a 90% success rate, how this drug works to restore rem atonia is unclear, however it is thought to suppress muscle activity, rather than directly restoring atonia. Melatonin is also effective and can also be prescribed as a more natural alternative. For those with parkinson's and rbd, levodopa is a popular choice. Pramipexole is another drug which can be an effective treatment option. [4] in addition to medication, it is wise to secure the sleeper's environment in preparation for episo.