Atrial fibrillation ablation signup | login home presentations categories channels community   download presentation comments added: 10-07-2012 rate presentation: views: 2 add to favorites     feature this!     innappropiate please login to flag this presentation! Your inappropriate request is sent successfully! buy viagra qld dui attorney arizona Failed to send your inappropiate request! Please login to send a feature request! Your feature quest has been sent successfuly! Error while send your feature request! Favorited successfully! Favorite failed! Already added! Login to add! Cannot favorite your own presentation! Description: case background:. 46 yr old athletic woman (cyclist, runner) 3 yr h/o increasingly frequent rapid palpitationsparoxysmal afoften immediately following exercisemore recently may occur randomly no other medical conditions. Initial evaluation:. Ecg : sinus bradycardia at rest 54 bpm, channels tags deke slayton   atrial fibrillation   ventricular fibrillation   auricle   atrial septal defect   defibrillate   defibrillation   defibrillator   atrium   experiment   auricular   premature ventricular contraction   pvc   asystole   cardiac arrest       atrial fibrillation ablation - transcript atrial fibrillation ablation - transcript 1. Atrial fibrillation ablation atrial fibrillation ablation file name: steiner 2004 cardiology symposium slides_924928_787234. Ppt link is provided as is to download presentation download video download policy: content on the website is provided to you as is for your i. See Radius at the Atlanta Gift Fair
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