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I’ve been an amateur landscaper all of my life. I’ve transplanted many hundreds if not thousands of trees and shrubs and shrubs in my day. Finding the right spade was always a challenge. For many years my favorite spade was nine pound monster with a “D” handle and metal strapping two thirds of the way up the shaft. What I like about this tool was its deep blade with just enough curvature to help me move soil, but a flat enough business end so I could sharpen it and cut through roots. It had no step, so I often cut the soles of my work shows and infrequently ripped into my ankle for a very painful surprise. The “D” handle was made of wood, which occasionally splintered into the palm of my hand. It wasn’t large enough for me to hold with both hands in a natural position, but I grabbed it with both hands anyway and often bruised the palms of my hands on the corners of the handle.

The Radius PRO Spade was designed with the famous Natural Radius Grip “O” handle that allows one to hold the handle at all times with two hands in a safe, comfortable position. The unique shape of the blade includes the sharp, flat end of the very best nursery spades, but then widens out at the top to accommodate an extra-wide step that is bent forward for maximum digging thrust. The soft edges of the step eliminate the landscapers’ dreaded ankle injuries. Instead of outer metal strapping, we encase a carbon steel core through the entire length of the shaft to insure the tool will never bend or break. This versatile spade will last forever and stand up to the very best nursery or digging spade you’ve ever used. And, the Natural Radius Grip design will reduce or even eliminate the tendonitis commonly caused by excessive work with “D” handle spades.

The picture below was forwarded to us by a very proud, 61 year old woman who had just finished turning a rather large plot of mostly clay soil.

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We like to support worthy non-profit organizations that reach out to the community through gardening. Our favorite local organization is Growing Hope. Growing Hope is dedicated to helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access. Based in Washtenaw County, Michigan, they work with neighborhoods, schools, community groups, and families to develop and sustain gardens.

We can’t think of any other organization that does a better job of sharing the joy and intrinsic value of gardening with people who might not otherwise be exposed to it.

Here are a few photos from the Garden Build Day at the Genesis Christian Academy, supported by Growing Hope and Radius Garden:

EMMAUS, PA, APRIL 10, 2008 – Radius Garden’s NRG PRO Mid-Length Tools have been awarded the 2007 Organic Gardening magazine Editors’ Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the gardening industry, given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and/or performance.

Organic Gardening Executive Editor Scott Meyer and his staff of editors and test gardeners revealed the award winners in the November 2007 issue of Organic Gardening.

The Organic Gardening Editors’ Choice Awards, bestowed annually since 2005, honors the products that Organic Gardening editors have chosen as the best of the year based on months of trial testing by teams of highly experienced test gardeners. With no set categories for the awards and no set number of recipients, the products and the testing process drive the award categories.

Radius Garden’s NRG PRO Mid-Length Tools are among twelve innovative products that have been honored with a 2007 Organic Gardening Editors’ Choice Award.

Radius Garden, LLC manufactures advanced, ergonomic tools that make gardening easier and more satisfying for hobbyists and professionals. NRG PRO Mid-Length Tools feature stainless steel blades, an unbreakable steel-reinforced shaft, a comfortable, large “O”-shaped handle (with room for both hands!) and an extra-wide, forward kick.

“Organic gardeners are very conscious about their consumption—they want to buy only high-quality tools and other gear that are genuinely useful, versatile, and durable so they aren’t replacing them every season,” Meyer says. “We used these items hard in a variety of conditions so our readers can trust that they will work in their gardens for years to come. This is a vital service Organic Gardening provides for its readers because they rely on our more than 65 years of experience in gardening and product evaluation to help them make smart choices.”

The Organic Gardening Editors’ Choice Awards are the gold standard against which all gardening products are measured, and provide a seal of approval that can help put an gardening company or product on the proverbial map.

All winners must excel under extensive field-testing conducted by Organic Gardening’s team of editors and test gardeners, who take new products into their gardens to put them to the test. This process ensures that the performance of the winners is truly worthy of distinction and meets the guiding principle behind the program: gear that is of real value to the readers of Organic Gardening magazine.

The complete list of Organic Gardening 2007 Editors’ Choice Award winners was officially announced to the general public in the magazine’s November issues.

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